Fortified Evaulations

Coastal Trim & Accessories Owner Dennis Duffy is an Evaluator for the Institute of Business and Home Safety’s Fortified for Existing Homes Program. I am able to provide this service in any of the 18 counties of Eastern N.C. that qualify for the program.

Evaluation cost will typically run between $ 175.00 to $ 300.00 subject to the complexity and location of the home. I am able to provide evaluations for all three levels of the program Bronze, Silver, and Gold. We are also able to start the evaluation process on new construction projects  when access and remediation are the easiest.

Please contact me or IBHS at for additional information on the Fortified Homes Program or to schedule your Evaluation.

The following information is required as part of the process.
1. Owners full name.
2. Physical address of the home to be evaluated
3. Owners mailing address if not the same as physical address
4. Owners contact information
5. Copy of termite bond or pest control inspection report.

The following information is useful in the actual evaluation.
1. Documentation on any storm shutter system.
2. Copies of the Certificate of Compliance issued when the home was built.
3. Copies of the construction drawings
4. Receipts or other information on roofing, windows, doors etc.

Dennis L. Duffy
Evaluator # FEV285160201162

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